Welcome back

Welcome back

A belated welcome back to all of the children after a fabulous summer. Looking forward to an exciting and industrious first term.

Mr Byrne`s Time in Year 4!!!

Since Mr Johnson’s absence, Mr Byrne has taken charge of Year 4. Mr Byrne has been one of the best teachers that has ever taught us and we really like him. He has told us FANTASTIC stories  like the best storyteller ever! He is very kind (but very strict too). we learnt about personification similes […]

Harvest Assembly 2015

On the 6th of October 2015 the school celebrated our harvest assembly. Every class made their best effort to make it a fabulous success and they certainly succeeded, and the wonderful  display topped it all off! From beans and cheese, sweetcorn and peas we had it all! KS1 sang some  super songs, while Year 3 […]

St Albans to St Albans

During the last week before Easter, the children at St Alban’s School did their bit for Sport’s Relief by walking from St Alban’s School to St Alban’s Cathedral in Hertfordshire. Sound impossible? It was a real team effort achieved by walking as many laps of the KS2 playground as it would take to get to Hertfordshire. To […]

What is the new school magazine about?

The new school magazine is going to be written by pupils at this school attending the club run by Mrs Hordell ‘Young Reporters’. There will be lots of exiting pages for people to read and enjoy, from game pages to reports about what has been going on around the school. There is something for everyone […]

Shadow Artwork

Shadow Artwork

Year Six have been creating beautiful pieces of shadow artwork. When you see a shadow you probably think of gloom and darkness, but they can be something else… art! After school we hosted an art exhibition to display our beautiful artwork. Shadow of Amazement by Rebecca War In The World by James C and Hannah […]

Year 1's Wild Birds

Year 1’s Wild Birds

Year 1 did a day of birdwatching for the RSPB’s birdwatching survey. We got an apple and put sunflower seeds in it to attract the birds. Some of us didn’t like mixing the lard and the seed together. We saw 2 blackbirds and 1 pigeon. We were looking through binoculars. For more blogs about our […]

Epic Guitar

Guitar is EPIC. I even play it myself and I think everyone should learn  or have one. You could mess around, play songs, strum or just have fun! The amazing Mrs Cooper from the music industry teaches it so it’s a fun thing to do. If you want to join just go to Mrs Cooper […]

St Alban’s ditty

At St. Alban’s, school is fun, The work here is very well done, In Maths we work with fractions, In English we add in captions, Recently in science we worked with light, Ultimately, it made us very bright. The school dinners are very nice, With the curries they put in spice, In RE we study […]

Year 2 Assembly

Year 2 Assembly

On Thursday 15th October Year Two put on a stunning show for the school. Year Two stated that differences and images don’t matter, it’s what you are like inside that counts. They have been focusing on the new Elmer book ‘Elmer and the Hippos’. They did a fantabulous show for all of us and have demonstrated […]