Year 3 Museum

Year 3 Museum

Here are just a few examples of the exhibits in our class museum. To see more, come and visit the library!

Polli:Nation Day

We are all having fun on Polli:nation Day. Hooray!

Flower Diagrams

This is a living diagram of a flower. Year 3 dissected tulips to find out how they are pollinated.

Trip to Butser Ancient Farm

Trip to Butser Ancient Farm

We learned that people in the Stone Age only had access to natural materials like leaves, animals skins and stone. There were Iron and Stone Age homes for us to look at and compare. Sometimes, they displayed animal skulls in their doorways to scare their enemies! “I never knew an Iron Age toilet would be […]

Litter Picking!

Recently a team of year 4’s have got together and had an idea of litter picking. The first week it was Simon, Sam, Lewis, Oscar and Ollie on duty. They found a lot of rubbish including beer cans, sweet packets bottles of juice and even 3 bouncy balls from the school hall. They reached into safe parts of […]


Year 4 have been learning about Queen Elizabeth II.  In our writing we have written a short paragraph about our queen. Here is a good example: “Her Majesty is the most beautiful potentate I have ever set my eyes on. Below the normal height, she is in fact 5 foot and 4 inches. She has […]


GUITAR is a catchy instrument to play. Its so cool I even play it myself. My friend Ned  has a guitar and he likes it too! The wonderful Mrs Cooper fr0m the Porstmouth music industry  eaches guitar so I reccomend this instrument to everyone. Even though it could mean you might have to give up […]

Comic Club

A team of y4 got together to draw some awesome comics. These are some titles Bird Attack, The Rubbish Adventure, Animal Jam and Bird Destruction. The main aim is to expand our imagination and the team is Lewis Davies, Samantha Parkinson, Sam Frost and Simon Lloyd.


Year 4 have sadly not got Mr.Johnson with us but instead we have a different teacher called Mr.Byrne! We enjoy having him as our teacher soon we will get to know him. Mr.Byrne is very funny in all different ways and we enjoy being with him very much. We have been learning about teamwork and have […]

Life in year 4

As lots of you know Mr Johnson is absent. He has been for 6 weeks and all of year 4 miss him but …………. The supply is called Mr Byrne! Mr Byrne has been teaching us new and amazing things. He said he had won a shiny medal when he was a kid and that […]