Tag Rugby Frenzy

Zack pictures blog 1a A new class room, fresh new faces, new WORK, and my favourite NEW SPORT!! Jam packed with energy, we first played the mighty game of Tag Rugby. We practiced passing by playing a passing game – first team down the field without dropping the ball! To win we had to swap our over-confident competitiveness with team tactics and precision. A couple of people fell over, but no injuries! They were all really entertaining games and some of the best I’ve Zack pictures blog 3aseen so far this year. I wonder what other P.E. sessions ARE IN store for us ?

Tag rugby Rules.

. There are only 4 attackers and 3 defenders or the other way round if your team chooses .

. You have to stay on your side OF THE field or play ground depending on position.

. You have to be silent apart from tagging someone.

. No hard contact.

. you have to tag gently not hard.