Hermitage Stream Trip!

On Wednesday the 10th of November Year 5 class went to the Hermitage Stream. It was amazing to have the experience to go on the trip! At ten past 1 we were on our way to the Hermitage stream – the walk was not very long. Finally we arrived at the Hermitage Stream and we were split into two groups – one group with Miss Newman and one group with Mrs Raynsford. Miss Newman’s group went to sow some seeds and plant up wildflower plants into the four areas of clay soil. Firstly, we pulled out all of the existing vegetation and stones, then we smoothed out the area by raking soil into gaps that were empty. After that we made little spots for our plants to go in, then we sprinkled miniature seeds in the spots that we dug. (We had blue gloves to handle the soil so our hands did not become all dirty, like they have before!)

Meanwhile, Mrs Raynsford’s group got a tour around the place by Dee from the Friends of Hermitage Stream. She showed us the stream and told us all about its history and the wildlife.