Kew Gardens Visit 🌸🌺💐

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Some members from The Hive were invited to visit Kew Gardens to take part in a conference called Bees Needs.We travelled by mini bus – it took an hour and a half! When we got there we were so excited. We even met Lord Gardener of Kimble. After a short break, we were ready to present. In our presentation we included what we love ❤️  about bees and what we are doing to save them. About 75 people were also there, they do a lot for bees 🐝too. Our speech was perfect and our hard work payed off. At lunch time 21 people signed up for Pollinator Promise. (You can too!) At lunch we had a provided buffet and ate it in the beautiful gardens. We met up with Vanessa, a lady who came to look at our school grounds when she worked with OPAL, now she works at Kew. Then we had a mind blowing time visiting the massive hive. So many people were visiting as it was amazing. We even got the chance to listen to live bees busy pollinating in the gardens using a lolly stick! We had amazing reports back from the public and really enjoyed visiting such an exciting place in London. Thank you to Miss Newman, Mrs Donnovan and Mr Symmonds for taking us to Kew Gardens. 

Written by Heidi and Laura Yr 6