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 SIMILES Similes describe something by comparing 1 thing to another always using the words “like & as”. We will  show you how it would look like. Here are some examples: The children crept , as quietly as mice. The stars sparkled like diamonds in the sky.What are the important words in the sentences ? Can you find […]

Samantha's bug homework

Samantha’s bug homework

Solitary bees will lay eggs into holes so that larvae can grow in a protected place. For my homework I built a bee house I used: wood, glue, sticks and grass it was a lot of fun. Earwigs, ladybirds, solitary bees and spiders will like this home.          

Yr 5 Norval Morrisseau

Yr 5 Norval Morrisseau

Awsome Artwork  By Ingrid  +Freya L   Year 5 have been working on a project about Norval Morrisseau. We had to make drawings of different creatures e.g. Butterflies, bugs, beetles and more. We had to use different types of techniques for our art project such as dye, permanent marker and pastel. Ingrid’s creature was a […]

Pollinator Homework

Pollinator Homework

A few weeks ago Mrs Raynsford set us a challenge. We had to make something good for pollinators and most of us took it. I took the challenge and built a bee house. I made my bee house out of wood and I painted it in bright colours to attract bees. by Rihanna



Ned originally found a dead slow worm by the oak tree then, told Sam and Oscar. After that every one looked at the slow worm in a group or individually. Jack and Noah took quite a few photos to help with the identification. At first they thought it was a grass sake but taking a […]

Tweet-Tastic Bird-Feeder

Year 5 have made some fantastic homework! For my homework I made a bird feeder. I used a Pepsi bottle, old nail varnish, foam, glitter, skewers, pens for the colouring and rope. Thee hardest part was cutting out the small holes for the skewers to go through because the holes had to be tiny. Everybody […]