Year Six went on a journey to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard which included a tour of the HMS Victory  where we learnt many interesting facts. We had a lesson in the attic when we looked at some old and rare things, one of which was a hat that was worn in 1805 and  Bailey tried it […]

Buddy Time

Buddy Time

Buddy time is a different type of lesson in our school week. When we walk into Reception we look for our smiling buddies. We are uplifted to be able to get to know a younger friend. I love sharing new books with my buddy and helping her learn phonics (one of Year R’s favourite tasks). […]

Tag Rugby Frenzy

 A new class room, fresh new faces, new WORK, and my favourite NEW SPORT!! Jam packed with energy, we first played the mighty game of Tag Rugby. We practiced passing by playing a passing game – first team down the field without dropping the ball! To win we had to swap our over-confident competitiveness with […]


Only a few weeks into Year Six and everyone is attached to their books. Our teacher, Mrs Donnavon, is having trouble getting us to stop reading and PAY ATTENTION!!! We all read different books; classics, modern, romance, adventure and many more. We all love our books, and parents….. at least you don’t have to keep […]