Tag Rugby Frenzy

 A new class room, fresh new faces, new WORK, and my favourite NEW SPORT!! Jam packed with energy, we first played the mighty game of Tag Rugby. We practiced passing by playing a passing game – first team down the field without dropping the ball! To win we had to swap our over-confident competitiveness with […]


Only a few weeks into Year Six and everyone is attached to their books. Our teacher, Mrs Donnavon, is having trouble getting us to stop reading and PAY ATTENTION!!! We all read different books; classics, modern, romance, adventure and many more. We all love our books, and parents….. at least you don’t have to keep […]

A day with Mog Bot

A day with Mog Bot

Thursdays always fill us Years Sixes up with excitement. We just can’t wait for the lovely activities Mrs.Mogridge plans for us week after week. Feel the joyfulness rise as we embark heads down adding passion and colour to our wisdom posters. Coding adds creativity to our thoughts which help our minds generate maths quizzes. Please […]

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the best Queen of them all?

Queen Elizabeth 11 v Queen Victoria Have you ever written to the Queen? We are honoured to do so. We’ve become obsessed with royalty and been carried away with our research…. Did you know Queen Elizabeth’s light is often the last one on in Buckingham Palace as she is still working! Did you know Queen […]

YEAR 6 BLOG! Netball? A crazy game?

YEAR 6 BLOG! Netball? A crazy game?

 A new start into Year 6 and we are already having a blast! My favourite subject is PE, and we have kicked off with tag rugby and netball. Netball is a quick and fun game. We intend to play in the netball league and I can’t wait for it. I remember The Year 5 netball […]

Hello world!

A very warm welcome to Year 5 and Year 6’s blog. We hope to show you just some of the things that we do during our time at school, with words, pictures and comments.